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Beehive Book Club #7

Hey team! Hope you're having a lovely week! Going to do a bit of a lighter, cheerier read this time compared to last weeks. Although, one similarity to ‘Uncle Vanya’ is that both were originally written in a foreign language. Today, we will be looking at ‘The Girl Who Reads On the Metro’ by Christine Féret-Fleury. Christine is a French author and wrote her debut book in 1996 and since then she has written over eighty more. ‘The Girl Who Reads On the Metro’ was her first adult novel to be translated into English.

Shout out to Alice for the photo! Love the reflection of the sky in the coffee! Am I the only person missing their morning commute? Or are people relieved to have a break from having to take the tube? I never thought I’d say I’d miss the train, but it is such a fun place to people watch… Therefore, this book is fantastic to help us reminisce on the good old days of being able to take the overground to work. The hero of this story is Juliette and I aspire to be like her. Juliette loves to read while she takes her morning journey to work on the Metro in Paris. As she sits on the train, she contemplates what her fellow commuter’s books say about them. As the story progresses Juliette becomes a passeur, who has the task of passing on books with strangers. She has to read the person, determining what book they will like and will be most helpful for them. I really want to become a book passeur….

As a bibliophile, what could be better than a book about books. This read has that fairy tale and holiday vibe to it, which I feel is perfectly suited to the current situation. A nice little escape for those who need it.


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