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Beehive Book Club #22

As you look out the windows of the Beehive café, you have a perfect view to people watch. Recently, we’ve started to have groups of kids in their school uniforms walking past. It is quite a reassuring sight to see as it feels as if some normality has returned. As it is the start of the academic year again, I have been thinking back to all the different games and exercises you had to do at the beginning of the new school year to get to know the other students and teachers a bit better. To be honest, I was never a fan of those games. What your favourite ice cream flavour was would always be a classic question, although, I personally don’t think that flavour preference tells you too much about what someone is really like. However, I reckon someone’s favourite book tells you quite a bit about the person. I first read todays book, ‘The Hiding Place’ by Corrie ten Boom, because it is one of my friends’ favourites.

 ‘The Hiding Place’ is set during the Second World War in the Netherlands. It follows the incredible and true story of a family, who lived in a city outside of Amsterdam, as they risked  their lives helping a group of Jewish people escape persecution from the Nazis. The ten Boom family became connected with the Dutch Resistance and we learn of the many dangerous steps they took to counteract the invading armies. Corrie and her sister ended up in the Ravensbrück concentration camp. During this time, they both leant on their Christian faith and even set up prayer services and bible readings.

It is an amazing example of people who seem to cope so bravely in the face of extraordinary suffering. You definitely feel like there will be many stories told in future of all the inspiring people who have been strong and courageous during the current coronavirus season.  


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