The 'One Wall Gallery' is a community exhibition space downstairs at The Beehive, dedicated to celebrating local artists and creativity. 

Interested in exhibiting your work? Email info@bgmc.org.uk or ask a member of staff for more details.



S.M. Asad and Vera Akotuah

September - October 2020

DUO is a new exhibition by two local artists: 


Paintings by S.M. Asad

“I want to express my Bangladeshi culture and life through my artwork. My real hope is for my paintings to create discussion about the nature and purpose of life. I am inspired by Surrealism, and my paintings give a sense of the unconscious, unlocking the mind’s deepest thoughts. The works I am showing for DUO explore themes of civilization, inequality and the environment"


Rangoli-inspired Art by Vera Akotuah 

“These artworks are inspired by an artist residency I did in India in 2019. While I was there I saw the art form of Rangoli, in which patterns are created using geometric shapes filled with flower petals and other natural materials.  For these pieces I used real flowers including roses, chamomile, lavender and saffron. I combined these with figurative drawings of yoga poses created using charcoal.”

Asad and Vera have exhibited together and individually in arts spaces across East London, including Shipton Street Gallery, Espacio Gallery, Rich Mix and the Brady Arts Centre.

S.M. Asad:

Vera Akotuah:


Paul Anderson

July - August 2020

A series of original linocut prints by local artist, Paul Anderson, inspired by the iconic LIFE magazine cover.


“What if we could, with the precious time afforded to us, take that second glimpse at an everyday object and reinterpret it as a thing of value and beauty - something to even celebrate?

From this premise, I'm moving from the sensational to the colourful in a way that today's magazine rarely does. Under the masthead of the now defunct LIFE magazine I am taking from the past, through the bold, direct and vivid technique of lino cutting, to provide an alternative to the visual stresses of being pulled in many directions by today's media. It is my intention to enhance life by bringing a sense of colour, fun, imagination, plus a unique insight into my own self-expression.”

Paul is a visual artist living and working in Tower Hamlets


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