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The 'One Wall Gallery' is a new community exhibition space downstairs at The Beehive, dedicated to celebrating local artists and creativity. 

Interested in exhibiting your work? Email info@bgmc.org.uk or ask a member of staff for more details.



Sophie Siem

Jan - Feb 2020

"The collages on display have operated as mini ‘meaning machines’ for me. I started making them last year because I wanted to construct a practice that felt more simple and tactile than the films and animations I had previously been creating. The result has been intriguing for me. The juxtaposition of text and image contained within each collage offers me an insight to unseen parts of an internal landscape that is rich with questions and curiosities."


During my early 20s I often worked at the analogue film lab, ‘no.w.here’, on Bethnal Green Road. I’m delighted to be exhibiting my collages at The Beehive, just round the corner from where the lab was. The making of these images are all informed by my experiments in animation, which developed from working with the 16mm bolex cameras and optical printer at ‘no.w.here’."


Sophie will be hosting some creative workshops at The Beehive during her exhibition - look out for further information.

Sophie Siem is a mixed-media artist who works between London and Tel Aviv.


Noriko Michigami

December 2019

Noriko's works reflect the landscape of East London, where she has lived and worked for many years. She is drawn to the distinctive characteristics of the area - its sights, sounds and smells - and the changes to the landscape.


Her practice has been heavily influenced by Western art as well as her Japanese origins, and the concept of being ‘Monono Aware’ – having an empathy towards the transience of things. She paints urban landscapes that she finds interesting for reasons ranging from the colour or atmosphere to the composition. She is struck by the transformative nature of light and the fleeting visual sensations that ensue, and is often attracted to evening views of the city – which can be full of hope, vibrancy, excitement, romance, or even isolation. She also likes recording the history of cityscapes that are constantly evolving.

Noriko Michigami is a painter based in Tower Hamlets