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The 'One Wall Gallery' is a community exhibition space downstairs at The Beehive, dedicated to celebrating local artists and creativity. 

Interested in exhibiting your work? Email or ask a member of staff for more details.

Current Exhibition


Residents and Staff of the Kisimul Group

June '24 - August '24

This collage and mixed media artwork comes from 16 individuals who live across 4 care homes provided by the Kisimul Group. The art showcases the creativity, self-esteem, confidence and mutual understanding that has grown and developed through participating in weekly art therapy sessions. 

These sessions bring together support staff and residents of the care homes who work with Art Therapist Andrea, using a range of different materials to create personal work and group projects. This enables personal growth, communication and expression of feelings in a safe environment.

One of Kisimul's core values is "Grow Together" and this offers a fitting title for the exhibition.


The Kisimul Group provide quality care services to young people with complex learning difficulties, behaviours of concern and autism. Kisimul recognise the importance of offering alternative ways for their young people to communicate and express themselves, which is where Art Therapy plays a part.

Past Exhibitions

Frames of Silence

Annette Fernando 

March '24 - May '24

Rooted in the realm of film noir, comic books and romantic pulp novels, Annette Fernando’s art is rich with cinematic references. With a particular fascination for the British and French new wave movements,

In her first painting collection, Anna explores the relationship between the inner self and the vastness of outer space. Her paintings depict planets that symbolize both the soul and imaginary worlds. 


The stopping of time is integral to Annette’s practice; each piece is created from a carefully considered still, one of 24 frames for each second of film. In this exhibition, Annette has chosen a still from Jean-Luc Godard's film Contempt (Le Mépris) from 1963, featuring the iconic Brigitte Bardot as its central figure.


Annette Fernando is an artist working across painting, drawing, printmaking and film. She has exhibited internationally and works locally from her studio in East London.

The art is for sale.

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