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Beehive Book Club #16

During my last few shifts at the café, we have been talking about how, during history class at school, when we were growing up, we would look ahead to the future and wonder what big events in our lives would end up being taught to the classes of future generations. Well, I am sure 2020 will feature a great deal in upcoming school syllabuses. Economists and anthropologists must be having a busy time, racing to be the first to release essays and books about this period. I will be interested to read them! Growing up, I was never that into history. It was only once I started reading more for fun that I realised how amazing and fascinating history books can be. That is why we are going to be looking at the incredible ‘Iraq, a History’ by John Robertson. 

Robertson states, “cities, scripts, literature, the rule of law- all were born in Iraq. That so many see this ancient land as nothing more than a violent backwater steeped in chaos is a travesty. This is the place where, for the first 5,000 years of human history, all innovations of worth emerged. It was the cradle of civilization.” That little summary is so clear about why this book is so fantastic, that there is not really much more I could add to convince you to read it.  

This is the sort of historical account that prompts you to find out more once you have finished. You will put this book down and then want to continue your adventure to discover more about Iraq and the surrounding countries. Books are such a useful portal into the past, present and future of the world we live in. The more we read, the more we can see and understand the vast and complicated world around us.  


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